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Sandtex Smooth Masonry Paint - Chalk Hill 150ml

Exterior Walls and Accessories. Painted in Wimborne White No.239 Exterior Masonry. • Very flat matt finish, 2% sheen • Quick drying • Eco-friendly, low VOC • Highly breathable, water, protected against mould and algae • Water based, low odour and safe for children.

Shown: Exterior-grade acrylic paints have outstanding durability, whether applied to siding or trim. Mineral: Instead of resins and solvents, mineral paints, such as Quartz Guard (about $90 per gallon;, use silicates, which chemically bond to masonry to form a completely breathable

Long-lasting, breathable, non-toxic, zero VOC, mineral interior/exterior paint. Color Samples are Available, see below for directions how to order. This product penetrates into the inorganic substrate of masonry and then petrifies, forming a micro-crystalline structure that resists moisture and helps to

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Why use a Silicone Masonry Paint? Silicone Paint provides a super breathable finish, so as part of a render or EWI system it works particularly well. Silicone Paint is Great for Interiors and Exteriors!

Discount Specialty Grade Exterior Paints Waterproofing Paint, Flexible Paints, Mildew and Mold Resistant Paints for Concrete and Masonry Structures, and more. All provide beautiful exterior paint colors and long term weathering resistance on masonry, concrete, EIFS and similar surfaces.