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Home in 3 Exterior Paint Palettes Choosing Color: Transform Your Exterior With 2 Cans of Paint The burgundy color rendered on this shows a nice contrast to the greens in the landscaping, yet it

Red paint colors can add ruddy farmhouse charm when dark reds are used in dining rooms and Brilliant reds can add mid-century feelings to a kitchen, while deep burgundies look incredible in the

Looking for a exterior house colour scheme that not only looks fabulous but won't go out of date in a Like artfully applied cosmetics, house paint delivers that vital first impression, working to highlight a

The perfect exterior paint should be durable, versatile, and resistant to cracking and blistering. Exterior paint has to stand up to the punishment of sun, rain, wind, and other weather once it dries.

Give your house a fresh, updated look with exterior paint. HGTV.com has the steps and tips for Once exterior is dry, walk around perimeter of house taking note of any loose or chipped paint.

Ultramarine blue paint. True black paint. Palette knife. There are thousands of color options when mixing acrylic or oil paints. A popular color for warm, natural paintings or decorations is burgundy