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Can I use interior paint for exterior surfaces

I found free exterior paint on craigslist. I know it is not ideal, and I plan to ventilate the house really well while I paint. What issues could I run into, using exterior paint indoors? I plan on keeping windows open as much as possible to air out the house, burning candles/incense and using air fresheners.

Warnings about Using Exterior Paint Indoors. Used indoors, these ingredients can cause respiratory problems. Even the Environmental Protection Agency warns that until recently, many paints, both exterior and interior versions, used mercury as a fungicide, so be sure to check the label on

Consequently, paint companies will use a less expensive binder on their exterior latex paints simply because no one is every going to scrub hard on them Yellowing of oil based paints is something that happens under low lighting conditions. Outdoors, or even indoors where you have plenty of natural

Using exterior paints indoors is never a good idea because of the poisonous nature of exterior paints. I got an email from one "Spray Gadgets" reader asking: Can you use exterior paint inside my house? While you may assume you're saving money by reusing your remaining exterior paint

Flat paint, commonly used indoors, offers the least protection against the elements. Satin, with its slightly higher sheen, is a good choice for wood siding. Oil paint, long prized for its durability, used to be the gold standard for exteriors and some high-traffic house trim such as handrails, doors, and floors.

Although you can use exterior paints indoors, they are only the second-best choice. At first glance, exterior paints may seem better indoors and out because they're tough enough to hold up under challenging outdoor conditions. But indoor environments pose their own set of challenges that interior