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Latest exterior painting ideas with best exterior paint colours by Aapka Painter. Paints produce that final finish and colour of the surface. Before deciding on the product, end requirements in term sof functionality and appearance, must be considered.

Johnstones trade exterior oil based microporous exterior satin - 8 year life expectancy. This is a flexible exterior product, more for extreme weather conditions! Masonry Paint. Johnstones stormshield trade - superior trade 15 year life expectancy.

Choosing an exterior colour need not be a daunting task. Below we list 5 simple tips to bear in mind before you lift a paintbrush. Your paint colour scheme should always feel appropriate for the style of your home. You may live in a Victorian building, a cottage, by the sea… the list of possibilities of

In choosing an exterior paint color, which way do you go? Dark, light, or somewhere in the middle? As with my recent posts about choosing paint colors for furniture and for rooms, you can definitely tell that This gorgeous home from The Gray Cottage has me thinking that middle of the road can most

A guide to choosing the best exterior paint colors along with some great color ideas. In my work as a color consultant, many people have asked me what the best exterior paint colors are. It's a big question! It's like asking what's the best ice cream flavor.

Looking for a exterior house colour scheme that not only looks fabulous but won't go out of date in a hurry? But painting your exterior is a costly exercise, both in terms of time and money, so you'll This simple two-colour scheme works on masonry homes too. This cute cottage looks picture-perfect