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Painting exterior brick is a distinct design choice that can completely change the visual appeal of your home. Neighborly company Five Star Painting, a leading residential and commercial painting franchise, shared the primary pros and cons to consider before you commit to painting your brick.

Exposed brickwork on the exterior of your home looks great and ages well with minimal maintenance. To uncover the inner beauty of your walls or even to prepare them for a fresh lick of paint Before you start the process of getting paint off brick there are a few key safety tips you need to be aware of.

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A guide to painting brick siding on your home. Considerations, and a general how-to guide. Covers the essential steps and information to paint your house Sometimes people are inclined to paint a house exterior to cover the bare brick siding. This is usually because it has become weathered or stained

Painting Exterior Brickwork. Posted 16 February 2017. A good paint system for red faced bricks would be Rustoleum Murfill Renovation, see below method of application. Before painting all repairs will need to be complete and the surface should be clean with preparation as described earlier.

Think carefully before painting interior or exterior brick. Brick is chosen as a building material because of its durable and built-in color — of which there "If your brick is brand new, wait at least a year before painting it to allow for drying, weathering and leaching." Always clean brickwork before