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To estimate the exterior wall surface area, measure the entire perimeter of the home. How to Estimate Wall Area and Paint Quantity Needed to Cover Material Estimator.

Before painting a new house with a stucco exterior, let the stucco cure for at least 28 days. Paint will not adhere properly to uncured stucco and may "Two coats are always going to give you a better result," Dan adds. "It evens everything out to put a better shell on your house. You'll get more life out

This Home Depot guide provides tips to paint exterior walls and the equipment needed for working off the ground. Although siding types vary -- and each may call for slightly different exterior paint application techniques -- for the most part, the steps in this guide will have you covered.

Interior House Paint You'll use more interior paint in general because there is much more surface area inside a house than outside. If you want two coats on a house, you'll need about 1.5x as much paint. Many people assume you'll need twice as much paint, but since the first coat actually covers

Exterior House Cleaning. Exterior Lightingkeyboard_arrow_right. How to paint exteriors. Painting your house will not only improve its looks, it's also the best thing you can do to protect it from the elements - and in New Zealand weather that's pretty important.

Home Exterior Paint Prep Costs. Exterior House Painting Tips. Choosing Your Paint Colors. According to Craftsman National Estimator, "High time difficulty factors for DIY Exterior House Painting Costs. The scope of work from start to finish is vast, and painting the house yourself can