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Which finish? Smooth, textured or one coat? How much paint? Cream, pink, blue or green? Let us help you choose which masonry paint and colours are right for

Exterior protection for masonry With microseal technology, our masonry paint ensures that surfaces are dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof - meaning that homes have have flawless coverage and

Painting your exterior masonry walls is a decision that should be made for the purpose of aesthetic reasons and equally to consider the need for a moisture sealing agent.

Limewash Paint Create unique wash effects on masonry surfaces. Concrete Wall Paint Seals and waterproofs any interior or exterior masonry surface. Concrete Stain Put color on interior or exterior

Our masonry paint will not only look great, it will protect your exterior masonry, brickwork or render from weather and /Paint & Decorating/Exterior Masonry 2134 2124 Exterior Masonry https

A problem of painted masonry construction Improper paint (such as interior paint) was used in an exterior application. Paint was applied over lower-quality factory-finished aluminum siding.