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14 Different Types of Paint for Interior and Exterior Surfaces

Exterior paint is exposed to all types of varying weather conditions. Exterior paint is therefore required to provide protection against Ultra Violet radiation of the sun as well as fungal growth and of course dampness during the rains and snow. Exterior paints are so made to combat mildew as well

The 3 main types of paint finishes used in exterior painting are flat, satin and gloss. But don't let this inconsistency frustrate you because the 3 main exterior types of paint finishes are the most practical options anyway, and usually widely available.

Paint finishes are differentiated by the way the finish reacts to light. There are also many types of faux finishes that are good for interior decor. Sponging and ragging or ragrolling involve applying a base coat of paint, then another color or a glaze, either applying it with a sponge or a rag or taking it

Most finish paints are designed to provide a decorative or protective finish for a substrate. A:Answer Fisheyes are caused by some type of surface contamination that was not removed in For instance, Loxon Exterior Masonry Primer from Sherwin-Williams can be applied as soon as the

DIY guide covering different types of external finishes for homes that can include rendering, plastering, cladding and painting and We aim to cover some of the most common exterior paint and render finishes that are used on homes so that you can understand the options that you have, when you

Choosing the right types of paint finishes will determine the final look of your room. With so many types of wall paint to choose from, it's important to understand which finish or sheen works best in certain spaces. This guide will help you choose the best paint for walls around your home and decide