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Like many exterior paints designed for wood, BEHR's Barn and Fence Paint uses a combination of oil and latex, so check the manufacturer's suggestions if you're Square Footage Depending on the paint brand, the color, the material of the surface you are painting, and the finish of the paint, the square

Colours not colour. When considering what colour to paint your home, remember that an exterior paint scheme has 3 parts. Your paint colour scheme should always feel appropriate for the style of your home. You may live in a Victorian building, a cottage, by the sea… the list of possibilities of

The undisputed king of exterior wood paint, Garden Shades has been the #1 product in the industry for a long time - and for very good reason. While it may not be available in a huge range of colours, it does offer added protection against the elements - particularly if you're painting a garden shed or

For exterior bare wood surfaces: Lightly sand the surface to improve the paint's adhesion. In environments where wood-rotting fungi is likely to Then apply a full coat of Exterior Wood Primer & Undercoat in the correct colour tone for your topcoat. Allow a minimum of four hours drying time

Need exterior paint? Get low-priced, trade quality outdoor wood & patio paint in a colour & finish to suit your home. We have a huge range of Exterior Paint including exterior satin & gloss and smooth & textured masonry paint, all available in colours ranging from brilliant white to black.

Find out The BEST EXTERIOR PAINTS for Wood to buy in 2020 and refresh your OUTDOOR project! If you've never done it before, painting exterior wood seems like an incredibly easy task. I wanted to have a pastel matte color for the base, then was planning to paint colorful flowers/nature