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No, you cannot use exterior paint inside. Exterior paints are formulated to be more flexible to withstand temperature and climate changes. How long should I wait before applying a second coat of

Exterior paints often contain fungicides, UV-protective additives, and mildewcides. A higher volume of acrylics in the exterior paint could cause a lingering odor that may be unhealthy in enclosed areas.

Is it appropriate to use an exterior paint to help battle the harsh effects of the shower? jslawny, The exterior paint wouldn't be a bad idea but do prime with a good oil base primer first.Mike.

You can apply exterior paint inside but there are things you need to know first before doing it. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of using outdoor paint inside would you still use it indoor?

We are painting the exterior of our 15-yr-old home next week and are trying to decide on the paint sheen. I have only used it inside and found it to not be washable at allnot sure about the exterior