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Exterior Painting Preparation for Amazing Exteriors

Exterior Painting Preparation. When painting the exterior of a house, learn these valuable tips that can save you time by preparing properly for the project.

Durable building paint job tips: How to prep walls & trim for painting Exterior Finishes on Wood POST a QUESTION or COMMENT about surface preparation to assure a durable paint job.

Exterior painting is more complicated and labor intensive than interior painting. In addition to proper preparation, exterior surface will have to be in good repair before they are painted.

When hiring a professional painting firm, the preparation is just as important as the painting itself. Here is a brief list of preparation steps you should look for and ask about on your exterior painting

Thorough exterior painting preparation will lead to a successful paint project. Preparing properly will help the paint last longer, look better and it will prevent future problems such as mold growth

Exterior painting for previously paint surfaces should always start with cleaning the surface, then removing lose peeling The preparation phase of the exterior painting is the most important stage.