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BEHR PREMIUM® Textured DeckOver Wood Stain Behr

The best paint finish for exterior trim, shutters and doors. Satin (although some people do semi-gloss on doors). Satin finish can work for textured surfaces like brick and other masonry. This keeps it easy to hose down without creating a smudgy surface as brick is often on the

Smooth Texture Paint creates a fine-grit, decorative textured finish on surfaces to be top coated. It works great on both walls and ceilings. Coarse A coarse paint texture additive is excellent for interior or exterior use where superior fill-in and covering qualities are required.

These finishes are decorative textured coatings ideal for high-rise apartments and condominiums, hospitals, schools, hotels, resorts and residential homes. For more information or questions, please contact your designated local representative or the nearest PPG Paints store through our store locator.

Another type of textured paint involves using a smooth texture. This type of paint does not actually contain anything such as sand to create a rough texture. You could also utilize a textured paint with an eggshell finish. Other possible finishes include flat or matte and each creates a slightly different

Products • Exterior Paints & Primers • Finishes. SPARTASHIELD® outperforms the competition in applied hide. Good applied hide ensures that maximum hide is achieved when the paint is rolled so that fewer coats are needed to complete the project.

How to Paint the Exterior of your Home - Understanding the Options for Finishing Your Home's Exterior with Rendering, Plastering and Painting. Finally the textured surface coat is applied to create the desired effect. There are numerous effects that are available, mimicking almost all types of