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There isn't a single process for painting exterior walls, any more than there is just one type of exterior walls. Each type of wall has a specific method for painting, including preparation

I have a an exterior concrete wall that had some loose paint and started scraping away. The paint in some sections was so loose that I went all the way What should I do to cover this properly and what paint should I use? Should I use some heavy primer coats on the bare concrete areas first then paint

The beauty and skill of Fresco painting techniques. Exterior Elements, Ornaments & Finishes. Of all the methods that painters employ, painting on the wall is the most masterly and beautiful, because it consists in doing in a single day that which, in the other methods, may be retouched day

Painting your house or building & need a quality paint sprayer? Read our reviews and compare the best paint sprayers specifically for exterior painting. Paint sprayers are a popular choice and will make painting your exterior walls a simpler task. Any of the below paint sprayers will make painting

A painting technique that can add texture and depth to bedroom walls is colour washing. This easy to attain technique adds texture to your desired colour Rag rolling is one of the most common painting techniques used to create wall texture for bedrooms. The technique is usually used over an accent

Painting concrete block walls always starts with the removal of dust and dirt, efflorescence, and all loose or peeling Spraying isn't always necessary, standard brush and rolling techniques can be used. When painting a newly built exterior cinder block wall, how long do you have to wait to paint?