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Exterior house painting. Many reasons motivate homeowners to paint the exterior of their homes. A fresh coat of paint improves the appearance of the home, and it adds value to a house. Most painters prefer to inspect the area they are painting before giving their quotation. The average cost of

Then we look at some general exterior house painting cost to give you an idea of what your home will cost for painting. Below are some detailed interior house The cost of paint alone can really add up.Cheap house paint starts around $20 a gallon.High-end paint can cost as much as $80 a gallon.

If you're looking at the cost to paint a house exterior, you'll find that professional painting prices run from about $1,000 to $7,000 for a 2000 square foot home. How Your House's Characteristics Affect Painting Cost. Here are the main factors that will affect the cost to paint a house exterior

Learn all about painting a house costs. Read general house painting prices, tips and get free House painting estimates. Paint will cost from $20-$50 per gallon. There are considerable differences between bargain and top-quality paint, and it's not advised to skimp on the cost of paint

Overall, the average cost to paint a house will depend on the total square footage. This applies to both the interior and the exterior of the home. Figuring out the exterior painting costs is a little trickier since it also depends on the type of siding you have.

Our House Painting Price Guide. We contacted dozens of decorators and businesses in 2015 and again in 2018. We asked each of them to provide us You can use this data to get a good idea of how much it costs to paint the outside walls of a house. Caveats and Limitations. As we are sure you are