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Colour Schemes Exterior & Interior Scheme Ideas

Searching for 'rendered house colours'? Render colours for homes with a pool. It's important for your home's exterior colour scheme to complement the other features of your backyard. For a striking exterior choose a light coloured render and contrast against dark coloured brick accents.

Matching Exterior Paint Color Schemes to Your Roof. If you have a brown roof consider shades of tan, beige, red, orange, or yellow. Dark colors push your house back. They also make it appear smaller. On the other hand, lighter colors pull it forward and make it look larger.

Trying to decide what color to paint your house? Here are the 6 steps we used to choose a house paint color + exterior painting tips and house color schemes. Architectural compatibility of your home style vs. body and trim color combinations. House paint colors in your neighborhood.

Georgian houses favored stronger colors from naturally derived pigments. Colors imitating stone construction were popular exteriors, interiors were bolder and brighter than once thought. Modest and rural houses often not painted. Strongly contrasted color schemes favored.

You can use expertly-designed paint color schemes to make your house the showplace of the block. No, you don't need to have a Craftsman-style house to use this exterior paint scheme. It's a soothing, homey paint design idea that evokes visions of long-ago days of children roller-skating

House Exterior Color Palettes and Schemes. Exterior Paint Ideas. Springtime is in full bloom and it's time to update home and building exteriors with the latest in exterior color palettes and exterior house color combinations.