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I'm painting my house exterior. it's your average 1100 square foot three bed, two bath house, and need a rough guess how much to pick up. I'll be using a friends expensive paint sprayer, thanks in advance.

Rougher textures, for example, will require more paint than walls with smoother textures. Additionally, the painter will need to use different tools You don't have to paint stucco, but it can provide a level of customization and personality that you can't get from stucco alone. Do I need to prime stucco before

"Calculating the amount of paint needed as carefully as possible is good for the environment as well as the pocketbook," says Carl Minchew, vice president of color innovation and Get out your calculator Whether you're painting a powder room or the exterior of your house, the general rule of thumb is

Before you or your contractor buy paint, find out exactly how much you'll need. If more than one room is being painted with the same color, add up the total PLEASE NOTE: These calculations are not intended to give more than a rough estimate. Precise paint needs will vary according to many factors

How Much Paint Do You Need? Calculate the number of cans to avoid buying too much or too I would argue that running out of paint midproject is especially frustrating. Dashing out to the store is I need to put transparent, black stain on galvanized metal in an exterior application - I'm thinking of

Each gallon of paint covers about 250 sq feet so dividing 1500sq ft into 250 , makes aproximatly 6 gallons ,however if you are not primering then this plays a roll in coverage,also it is very hard for any person to use the proper technique required to get the full 250 sq ft out of a gallon,so i would start out.