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Give your house a fresh, updated look with exterior paint. has the steps and tips for painting your home's exterior. Siding can be cleaned with a low-pressure spray tip. Pressure-washing is also useful for removing algae stains from fencing.

I just purchased a historical house that was painted an ugly peach color. I bought some marine grade paint stripper that I was going to use little by little to strip the whole exterior by hand. I found this How can I remove paint from an indoor brick wall?, which mentions sand blasting and dry ice blasting.

How to Clean Walls with Different Paint Finishes. The first thing you should consider when washing painted walls is the finish. Although glossy and semigloss paint is durable, it will still scratch, so always use a soft sponge when cleaning walls. How to Clean Walls with Latex Paint.

Paint applied to exterior wood must withstand yearly extremes of both temperature and humidity. While never expected to be more than a temporary Treating Paint Problems in Historic Buildings return to top ▲. Exterior paint is constantly deteriorating through the processes of weathering, but in a

Paint the Exterior. There are many stressors on your home's exterior surfaces. Sunlight and ultra-violet radiation degrade pigments and binders in If you use paint thinner, make sure you find out where and how to dispose of paint thinner properly. Some states have laws that do not allow you to

Exterior paint removal is labor-intensive, hard work. Here's expert professional guidance to make How much time and effort are put into paint removal (or paint preparation) is a judgment call and Clean it with "l/2 cup of household detergent in a gallon of water with a medium soft bristle brush" and