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How to Pick Exterior Paint Colors and Finishes. Guidelines for New Builds are the same as existing homes. -Limit paint colors to one trim, a door color, a primary body color, and occasionally a second body color. If you pick a secondary body color, use it to highlight architectural features such as

Exterior doors, especially front doors, are often the first thing someone will notice about your house. And if you want to add character to your home Before you can paint an exterior door, you need to clean it, sand it, and prime it, and this requires some tools. For this project, you'll need paint and

Has anyone painted the dark grey exterior trim/lips to match their body color and if so can you elaborate on the process, costs etc Sent from Snapped it before work. sorry about the quality (camera phone). Stay with black or paint it white? This is how my truck looked a month ago.

Decorative trim around a doorway is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to add curb appeal. Learn how to install it in one day. Urethane foam trim is light, paintable, easy to cut, and will never rot—ideal for exterior trim. The trim shown here can be purchased at a home center.

The paint was flaking off, the wood had become weathered and gray, and on first sight it looked like the windows needed to be replaced with new ones. There are two ways of doing this, using either a chemical paint stripper or a hot air gun to melt the paint off. Both approaches need a little bit of care.

Scrape and Sand Your Exterior Door Before Painting. Walking through our door every day and seeing the chipping paint drove me absolutely Do you want your exterior door's paint job to impress your friends? Painter wants to paint before hanging and contractor wants to trim before painting.