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Inventor of the circular saw. How to paint exterior walls. 82% of 100%. Choosing your paint. Acrylic (water-based) wall paint is the best choice for outside walls. This kind of paint helps to make the wall waterproof, and at the same time it allows moisture that is already in the wall to evaporate to the

Exterior painting is a weather-dependent project, so the best time of year will depend on your local climate. If you're in a year-round warm and arid region, painting can be done any time More How to Choose the Right Exterior Color How to Paint Your Front Door, From Start to Finish How to Touch

Choose exterior paint colors based on these key colors found on the exterior of your home to choose the perfect complementary exterior home color palette. Most of the time, readers have contacted me after they have agonized for weeks over colors and just have no idea how to make a final decision.

How to paint exteriors. Painting your house will not only improve its looks, it's also the best thing you can do to protect it from the elements - and in New Zealand Gloss acrylic paints are commonly used for weatherboard homes, while low sheen acrylic paints are popular on brick, cement render and

This article discusses how to build exterior shutters. In my neck of the wood most of the homes have shutters as part of their aesthetic design. We paint or stain the shutter before installation. This is something that builders like because when they order shutters from us we are a complete turn key

Functional exterior shutters, which swing shut when you need them to, will do the job quite nicely. As This Old House technical editor Mark Powers The bonus: Studded with hammered-iron hardware and a bright coat of paint, shutters will dress up the front of your house and add to its curb appeal.