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While you toss the leaves of the catalog forward and backward repeatedly to select the perfect colour for your interior walls, the same diligence is not always shown when the time to paint the fa├žade comes.

5. Begin painting the exterior walls. Holding your spray gun, spray your wall from one end to the other - don't start in the middle. You want to keep your spray gun an even distance from the wall whilst painting - being consistent with this is important for all-over coverage. It's a lot more comfortable to

If you're looking to paint interior walls or paint exterior walls, it's well worth considering reading at least some paint sprayer reviews before you start. The main difference between interior and exterior paint is the chemical compounds at its core. Indoor paints are designed to withstand scrubbing and

Preparation for Painting Exterior Walls. The surface needs to be prepared before you paint. See you local council website for how to dispose of paint correctly. Exterior Finishes that Don't Work. An exterior finish too far - A developer painted candy stripes on this house to annoy neighbours after

Painting an exterior wall is not much different with regards to technique than painting an interior wall. If you are painting both inside and outside, begin on the inside so that you are familiar with using a paint sprayer. Then, take extra caution in covering surfaces that you do not want to be painted

Proper preparation can help an exterior paint job last longer and look better. Learn how to prepare exterior walls for painting with Taubmans. In order to achieve a neat, clean finish and an inviting feeling, exterior walls need to be appropriately prepared for painting.