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How to choose exterior paint type and colour for your home? For cold places, pick paints that dry quick, while for hot areas choose We would suggest that you pick a sample of the colours you choose and apply it to the exterior walls. Let it sit for a few days and dry, and look which colour looks

If the house roof color be like this, What exterior paint colors should be used? It is a common question for the homeowner who are planning to paint You should choose the right home paint color during the design process to get an overall of the roof and the house color style from the beginning.

Tips: The exterior paint color you first pick might look washed out once it's on your house. Pick a color that's one or two shades darker than what you think you want, or go On the 'Consumer 101' TV show, Consumer Reports' expert Rico De Paz shows host Jack Rico how to give walls the perfect coat.

Ballard Designs: How important is it to get exterior paint colors right? Jennifer Ott: It's pretty important. It's much more of an effort, especially if JO: People can get overwhelmed when they have to pick paint colors, because there are so many factors. I generally love to push clients to be creative.

Now that you have picked a color, there are so many variables when it comes to the impact of colors on exteriors including which direction your home is facing and how much shading When I choose exterior trim and accent colors for my clients, 95% of the time I will work off of one paint color strip.

Confused about choosing exterior paint colors for Indian homes? These simple tips break it down for you so you can color your home just the way you like! So how do you we know what works and what doesn't? Our foolproof tips will help you choose the best exterior paint colors for Indian homes