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So how do you nail the right exterior paint color, especially when the color on the small paint chip will have Tips: The exterior paint color you first pick might look washed out once it's on your house. When choosing a color for the window trim, consider the color of the window sash and whether it can

Your exterior house paint colors should make you feel welcome and happy. The right kind of paint can make any house feel inviting and truly personal at the Over the past few weeks, we've found new ways to serve you through contactless pick-up and delivery to make sure that you're able to continue

I tested multiple paint colors on my stucco wall to get to the right color for my pool house and stucco wall. I was so surprised at how warm I had to go. There are a lot of architectural elements on the exterior of this home but notice how the trim and all the accents were limited to one color (white) for

Exterior color choices can affect the entire neighborhood. Look around at the existing homes next to you to make sure that your choice is harmonious with your We painted large areas in the front and back and settled on our colors. We were amazed at how different colors looked, depending on

Trying to decide what color to paint your house? Here are the 6 steps we used to choose a house paint color + exterior painting tips and house It's been quite a process to muddle through, but it's been worth all of the time and effort that went into finally picking the colors that will coat and protect

Need to Pick Exterior Paint Colours! The selection of exterior paint colours can go from the traditional whites and grey to the bolder yellows and reds. There are some general rules to follow with exterior colours; although, the prevailing rule is picking the colour that you like best.