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Colours not colour. When considering what colour to paint your home, remember that an exterior paint scheme has 3 parts. These are 'field' which dominates, 'accent' which includes shutters, doors and other small areas and 'trim' which includes window sills and door casings.

Millennium Paints - Millennium Paint Colors - Millennium 705 x 355 gif 12 КБ. Exceptional Kwal Paint Color Chart #8 Pin By Sheila 736 x 269 jpeg 17 КБ.

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Millennium Paints - Millennium Paint Colors - Millennium Collection - House Paints Colors - Millennium Collection Paint Chart, Chip, Sample, Swatch, Palette, Color Charts - Exterior, Interior Wall.

Find the right paint color for your next painting project using our curated color palettes. Cool Exterior House Colors. Cool harmonies look fresh and calming. Warmer tones can be introduced as accents to add energy and charm to the complete look.

In choosing an exterior paint color, which way do you go? Dark, light, or somewhere in the middle? As with my recent posts about choosing paint colors for furniture and for rooms, you can definitely tell that I have paint on the brain. I have a lot of projects on my to-do list that are overdue, and a big one