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Leg style: Claw feet may replicate animal's paws or feature more abstract designs. Going vintage: Impart authentic old-fashioned style with a vintage claw-foot tub. Check salvage yards, antiques shops, and online auction sites for a wide selection.

The teal painted exterior of this clawfoot tub is a wonderful accent to the tiled accent wall. Refined Sophistication. A vintage clawfoot tub takes center stage in this clean, crisp bathroom. A beautiful chandelier lends elegance to the space, and trendy accessories add chic style.

Want to refinish a clawfoot tub to get it bath-ready again? We did one ourselves without hiring anyone, using just elbow grease and some paint instead. First we used some coarse sanding blocks to scrub all of the exterior by hand, which was slow going, but definitely knocked a bunch of old dry paint

We have to secure an acrylic clawfoot tub to a ceramic floor that has radiant floor heating tubes. The installation says to use lag bolts to attach to joists or blocking, but that is not an option for us. Has anyone glued the feet to the floor?

Clawfoot tubs are on many a dream home wish list, but beneath the glamour and the daydreams of relaxing nighttime soaks, that freestanding tub could be hiding some nasty water damage, according to Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott.