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Over time, painted concrete surfaces tend to lose their shine. This is especially true if the concrete was not properly prepared for the paint job. Paint roller and thick-nap covers. Paintbrushes. Exterior-grade latex masonry primer. Warnings. TSP is a dangerous solvent.

Painting a brick home exterior is a fast and affordable way to modernise a dated facade and add value to your home in the process. Wayne's tips and tricks for application of paint to exposed brick: A wall that has been properly prepared will not only make painting easier, but will help achieve a vibrant

This Home Depot guide provides tips to paint exterior walls and the equipment needed for working off the ground. Although siding types vary -- and each may call for slightly different exterior paint application techniques -- for the most part, the steps in this guide will have you covered.

Expert advice on exterior painting, selecting the right house paint, DIY painting tips and advice for dealing with common outdoor paint problems. The best paint to choose for painting your house will depend upon the surface you're painting. Bottom line: Select 100% acrylic paint for wood, vinyl

Exterior Paint Colors. The outside of your home needs love too. Learn how to paint the outside of your home and find great colors for home exteriors.

How To Prepare Your Exterior House, For Painting To Last? If paint migration occurs, a great way to stop this is running a thin bead of painter's caulk, wiping excess away. Allowing caulk to dry, then painting lines will not permit paint to travel underneath tape, making professional preparations