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Painting the exterior of the house can be done solely for cosmetic purposes or to protect the house from the elements. This page covers painting the walls of the house itself as well as other exterior features including window frames, outside doors and fascia's.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint the Exterior of a House? You can also save money by shopping around for painters and getting bids from different service providers. Start with recommendations from friends, neighbors and trusted websites and from there get quotes for how much the paint job will cost.

Exterior Paints. Rs 250/ KilogramGet Latest Price. Crack bridging ability : Upto 2.0 mm. Specific Gravity : 1.30 to 1.35. According to the needs and demands of our clients, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Exterior Waterproofing all over the country.

Recent Exterior Painting tasks. Paint exterior walls of house. I need someone to help me paint the exterior of a 2 storey brick house. I would like to enlist the services of a competent painter or handyman that is professional, clean, accurate and takes great pride in their work.

Price of labor associated with correctly applying paint to a house. Duties may include: Plan creation Special mold-inhibiting paints for the bathroom or kitchen could also cost quite a bit more due to the Cost to paint exterior of house. Figuring out the exterior painting costs is a little trickier since it also

Shopping for painting a house: Major paint manufacturers include Behr [5] and Sherwin-Williams [6] , while lists non-toxic paint brands I hired a retired Painter to paint the exterior of the house. The labor was $1500 and he recommended that I buy Sherwin williams Paint which was $50