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How to Strip Years of Paint Off a House Stripping paint

Exterior wood paint. If you plan on removing the varnish and then painting the wood, sanding can be an effective way to get rid of the varnish while prepping the wood at the same time. However if you're using a contrasting colour, stripping the old varnish will ensure you have a better and more

To sufficiently remove exterior paint in preparation for a new coat, you need to rely on an array of tools. Exterior latex house paint is incredibly sturdy and durable against rain, snow, UV rays, and even the expected The sharp point is great at digging into cracks and removing old paint or caulk.

Messy paint job? Remove dried-on drips with these tricks. Don't worry—you're not stuck with paint-flecked wood flooring, furniture, or trim forever. Tip: To figure out whether an old drip is from latex or oil paint, rub a cotton ball moistened with denatured alcohol over the drip.

Eventually, however, all new paint becomes old paint. Whether it cracks and blisters or just forms a lumpy If you have a house's worth of trim or siding that must be stripped bare quickly, or if you have lead-laden Some simple tools can help you remove paint from wood rails and other intricate details.

Remove paint drips by softening the paint and then scratching it away. Even with the most careful preparation, paint drips occur on wood trim or window Once the paint has dried, though, it must be softened before removal. Use paint removers carefully to avoid removing the stain from the trim.

Trim Paint Tips for Smooth, Perfect Results! Want to know how to paint trim with flawless results? You've gone through the hassle of removing old wallpaper before painting. Now painting after removing wallpaper involves just a few simple steps.