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In this video we remove Santex paint from London yellow stock bricks Using the Doff superheated cleaning system. By applying a specially formulated paint

A. One method of paint removal from bricks and mortar is to use grit blasting as is done to remove graffiti from building and walls. Not only was the fireplace painted but so too was the exterior entrance way and chimney. I decided to try the fireplace first before tackling the exterior brick.

Even small exterior paint removal projects require mobilization time, labor setup time, as well as minimum hourly charges. After removing paint from your brick, please let me know your result by leaving your comment in the section below. Also, please share this post if it is helpful for your case.

If you're removing paint from a wall, look for a stripper that does not contain methylene chloride. Methylene-free strippers tend to have thick textures and won't easily Wash the brick after removing the paint to clear any debris away. On an exterior wall, grab a hose and attach a sprayer to the end.

Removing paint from brick is very difficult, and involves the risk of damaging, discoloring, or completely ruining the bricks. Given that it is a historical house, you may have difficulty finding bricks to replace any damaged areas that may result from the removal process.

Permit requirements for painting exterior brick or removing paint from exterior brick vary by community. In Washington, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs does not require a permit for either process, even in historic districts, except when a building has landmark status