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Whether you are giving your home some style with exterior paint accents or want to fix up an old paint job, use these tips to become an exterior paint pro. Even if you don't think the exterior of you home needs updating with paint, it's not a bad time to do so -- changes in temperature and moisture can

Did you know that exterior paint can fail if you apply it when the temperature is too high or low? Listen for general guidelines on when to use latex and

Best Temperatures for Painting Outdoors. Experts agree that the best temperature to paint outdoors depends on the paint and the place. Look for days when the weather should be free of rain for at least two or three days. This will ensure that the siding or exterior materials are relatively dry and that

Here are the top 10 most common exterior paint problems—their causes and solutions, as well as ways to prevent them. Under the blistering exposure to sun, frequent soakings by rain, and radical temperature shifts, the paints that cover exterior siding and trim surfaces face some of the most

Exterior paint is therefore required to provide protection against Ultra Violet radiation of the sun as well as fungal growth and of course dampness Exterior paints are so made to combat mildew as well as fading. Further, they have to be fade resistant as they face very high temperatures and UV radiation.

If the exterior surface of your house is free of paint-repelling soil, the primer and paint will adhere better, making the paint last longer. When painting outside, it is always best to check the tin for the minimum/maximum temperatures. You must also take into account chill factors, especially on metal