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What does exterior painting cost on average? Due to a large amount of prep work and the relative complexity of painting your home, most owners choose to hire professional painters to complete their painting projects.

PPG offers DIY painting advice and professional support on a variety of topics. Check out the articles below for more information to help make your next painting project a success.

Exterior latex paint refers to certain types of paint suitable for painting many home exteriors. Though the name latex is used, ingredients in the paint usually don't contain any House paint is expensive, no matter what's in it! I was looking at house paint not long ago and I couldn't believe the prices!

What Kind Of Paint Should I Use? Interior VS Exterior Paint: When I say "type" of paint I am really just referring to an exterior grade paint, as it will be the type of paint that is going to be used for your exterior stucco walls. Exterior paint is usually more expensive than interior paint and it is suited for

Exterior paints colors need not be limited to the walls. Experiment with painting doors as well. They are a part of the exteriors and can give a completely different look to These are some ways in which you can choose exterior paint colors. Just consider the surroundings and see what works best for you.

Remove chipped and flaking paint from the exterior walls. Before you paint the exterior of your house, scrape off any bubbling, flaking or blistering paint. When you are painting the exterior of your home, you would be wise to follow the shade from your What is the lowest temperature I can paint outside?